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For Sell!

Purcell Lane, Tuscola

$300,000+  Range

Currently under construction, homes with 4 bedroom 2 bath. These custom homes are available now. They have modern kitchens , spacious bedrooms and an open living/dining room. A large lots for plenty of kids and pets. They are in the Jim Ned School district, on of the most sought after districts in the area.These won't last long....

15 Acres Divided

into 3 - 5 Acre Tracks

on Summerhill Road

Additional Lots available on Purcell Lane and additional locations around the Abilene area. 

Build Your Dream Home

We have available 3-5 Acre Lots on Summerhill Rd.  Located northwest of Abilene just outside the city limits. Perfect for any size home.

Home in the area range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet.


Homes Built and Already Sold by MeLa Developement

Pictures of Homes of Various Sizes


These home are not available for sale and are being enjoyed by their current owner.

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